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Who are the friends?

We are a volunteer, non-profit organization that is interested in promoting the Marguerite deAngeli Branch of the Lapeer District Library System.

Marguerite deAngeli

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What do they do?

The Friends conduct fund raisers to provide programming for both children and adults. They also use the funds to provide items for the library that wouldn't otherwise fit into the library budget. We also assist the library staff with receptions or where needed.

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Marguerite deAngeli Library

What Fundraisers?

There is an on-going used book sale cart in the library. This is kept stocked with a well rounded selection of books. They are priced from .25 to $3.00.

There is also a giant three-day used book sale every summer.

Who can be a "friend" and how can I join?

"Friends" are people like you that are interested in the future of our library. You can join by filling out an application found in the library and paying a nominal fee. Five dollars per calendar year ($10.00 Patron), for an individual or a family. This will put you on our mailing and calling lists.

The library newsletter and the Friends newsletter are mailed to registered Friends.

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